How to make Anko – Azuki red been paste recipe

Anko, a sweet paste made from Azuki red beans, is a key ingredient for Japanese traditional confectionery. Azuki, sometimes also adzuki or aduki or Japanese ア ズ キ are a type of bean grown mainly in East Asia and is characterized by a slightly nutty taste. It is used in many different forms of desserts in Japan, such as Dorayaki (Anko inserted among sweet pancakes – instructions in our next video), but also jelly and shaped into Yokan, or it is made into a soup called Zenzai. In this video we will show you how to prepare Koshian Anko – a fine paste. Tsubuan Anko is also being prepared, a coarse paste, ie an unmixed variant, only mashed beans.





400 g adzuki red beans
200 g of sugar



1. Pour the beans into the water and let stand and soak up the water overnight.
2. Cook the beans on low heat for about 40-50 minutes until completely soft. Gradually add water only so that the beans are immersed.
3. Mix the boiled beans well with water thoroughly with a mixer.
4. Sift the mixed beans through a fine sieve to get rid of unmixed skin and lumps.
5. Place the mixture in a pan or non-stick pot.
6. Add sugar.
7. Cook, stirring occasionally, over a low heat until the anko is concentrated to the desired consistency. Some even add a quarter of butter, but there is no butter in the original recipe.
8. Done, fill into a glass or box and allow to cool. Store in the refrigerator. It can also be cooked.



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How to make Anko - Azuki red been paste recipe
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